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百年迷戀──裝置藝術/A Hundred Years of Infatuation

★展覽主題:百年迷戀──裝置藝術/A Hundred Years of Infatuation




展覽簡介: 百年迷戀──裝置藝術







A Hundred Years of Infatuation

It has been an electrifying adventure since the world opened its doors to me. It was 1978, shortly after China's Cultural Revolution ended in 1976. As an international artist, my journey has been an ongoing, unfolding experiment, involving exploration, contemplation and expression.

When I first encountered these one-hundred-year old postcards, I immediately noticed their faded images, worn edges and expressive handwriting, yet they got my undeniable attention because of their mysterious and tangible radiance.

One Hundred Years of Infatuation is a meditative experience that engaged me intellectually and physically throughout the creative process. Every time I touch these worn postcards, I still feel the vibrating spirit and voices of other people and places. My curiosity and my desire to experience and connect with others eventually became the center of this project.

The process of reconstructing those images gave me the opportunity to reflect on the conceptual, aesthetic, and cultural intentions underlying my work. One Hundred Years of Infatuation touches on the collective act of searching and longing for something new and destinations unknown. The collection of postcards delivers radiance, piques curiosity, and reflects on the human condition in ways that are relentless and adventuresome. Every single detail in each card is packed with meaning. The act of recreation mirrors my experiences travelling around the world and fuels my fascination with the complexities of the human condition. One Hundred Years of Infatuation captures a personal voyage as well as universal human experiences.

Li Huai