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【共作文明新趨勢計畫】 演講——阿拉伯梁祝:凱思和萊藍 The Love Mad in Arabic Literature: Laylā and Majnūn Legends




演講主題:The Love Mad in Arabic Literature: Laylā and Majnūn Legends





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  凱思和萊藍是一對永垂不朽的七世紀阿拉伯戀人。有關他們的詩歌和故事 流傳世界。凱思和萊藍的故事已成為世界不幸戀人的象徵,其知名度不亞於莎士比亞的羅密歐與朱麗葉和中國的梁祝。愛而不得使凱思瘋狂,最終導致他和萊藍的死亡。凱思和萊藍是阿拉伯文學中「愛情烈男烈女」流派的核心,更是阿拉伯故事傳統裡「一夫一妻主義」的典範, 在通俗歷事小說和《天方夜譚》裡更扮演著重要的角色。從巴勒斯坦詩人馬哈茂德·達爾維什1941-2008詩歌的棱鏡來看,「愛情烈男烈女」故事的演變是阿拉伯文學走向世界的旅程,和持續政治理想與精神生活的堅持。


Laylā and Majnūn are a pair of lovers from the seventh century who have been immortalized around the world through poetry, story and music. This story of poet Qays Ibn al-Mulawwaḥ’s love for his cousin, Laylā, is today symbolic of the star-crossed lovers in the world and no less famous than Shakespearean Romeo and Juliet and Chinese Liang-Zhu. Their unrequited love that led to his madness and eventually their death is the kernel of the genre of “martyrs of love” in Arabic literature. The “ideology of monogamy” inherent in this genre of storytelling is at the same time paradigmatic in Arabic narrative tradition, including epic and romance, and The Arabian Nights. The evolution of “martyrs of love” stories, seen through the prism of the poetry of Mahmoud Darwish (1941-2008), Palestine’s national poet, is Arabic literature journey towards the world and continued political relevance without ever abandoning its primary subversive impulse or acquired metaphysical yearning.


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