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臺大與東大雙邊論壇 徵稿延長啟事

臺大與東大雙邊論壇 徵稿延長啟事


East Asia and the Shifts in Global Order


臺大-東大雙邊論壇(NTU-UTokyo Joint Symposium 2023)將於2023128(週五)舉行。









l   全球秩序變革與東亞

l   東亞的普遍性與特殊性

l   東亞歷史的延續與轉變

l   東亞國家與歷史:歷史、身分認同、觀念、典範

l   分離與整合:政治與歷史

l   社會結構的轉型過程



1.          論文英文題目摘要(約英文300)、關鍵詞(3-5)

2.          個人英文CV(一頁,包含姓名、所屬系所單位、學經歷及研究成果)






Call for Papers:East Asia and the Shifts in Global Order (Deadline Extension)



The College of Liberal Arts, NTU, is very proud to announce that, in collaboration of Prof. Kawashima Shin, Dept of International Relations, University of Tokyo, we will hold the NTU-UTokyo Joint Symposium on Fri. 8 Dec. 2023. This year, the focus is placed on graduate students. The aim is to encourage graduate students on both sides to exchange insights, understand perspectives of each other, to heighten inquiry energy, and collaborate in research production. The symposium will be conducted in English. If you are interested in presenting your paper, please send your abstract with CV to Ms Ye(yehsophia@ntu.edu.tw)by 23 October 2023. The organization committee will select 4 abstracts on each side to be presented in the symposium (12 min. presentation with pptx and 8 min. Q&A).


The Theme of the Symposium:


The theme of this symposium is centered on East Asia and the shifting global order. East Asia has continued to play a pivotal role amid the constant changes of the world, such as geopolitical conflicts, globalization, and climate crisis. This is the right time for us to discuss how we understand the great shifts, how we represent the challenge and spearhead the changes. In order to facilitate debate and exchange of ideas, this symposium will be conducted in English. 


The topics of this symposium include, but are not restricted to, the following:

l   The shifts in global order and East Asia

l   The general and the specific of East Asia

l   The continuity and transformation in East Asian history

l   Nation and history in East Asia: history / identities/ ideas / paradigms

l   Separation and integration: politics and history

l   The transformation processes of social structure



Required materials:

1.      Abstract (300 words) with 3-5 keywords.

2.      CV (one page, with your affiliation, publications, etc.)


NTU-UTokyo Joint Symposium Organizing Committee