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The study of humanities is in decline today in a society that is surrounded by technological advances, and people are becoming increasingly materialistic. To re-establish a balance of values, the study of humanities must be elevated to play a more decisive role in higher education. Our college has been thus actively promoting a Campus of Humanities since 1995. This Campus will consist of three colleges: the current College of Liberal Arts and two other as-yet-to-be-founded colleges, the College of Fine Arts and the College of Foreign Languages and Literatures. We would like to see the realization of this ideal at the beginning of the 21st century so as to give National Taiwan University a true humanistic perspective that influence our society.

The College of Liberal Arts enjoys the longest history among similar colleges in the country. Our research ranges from traditional humanities to foreign languages and, in recent years, has extended to the fine arts, exhibiting a high level of vitality and variety.

All-out efforts to improve humanistic research and education, as well as to advance values therein, are the main goals of the college. Respect for academic freedom is of the utmost importance for us. The calling of the College, the leading center of humanistic studies in Taiwan, has the mission not only of passing on worthy traditions, but also of breaking new ground.